Workshop: Perfect Your Elevator Pitch Through Digital Storytelling


10 & 13 March 2017 (Fri and Mon, two days)
9 am to 5 pm
Royal Plaza on Scotts, Singapore

Course description

How to “sell without selling” through storytelling

  • How do you craft your 30 to 120 second elevator pitch to introduce yourself and your business in a concise, captivating and clear way that will break the ice with your prospect?
  • What power words will you use to differentiate yourself from your competitors?
  • What story will you tell that will lead to a deeper dialogue on how a person, product, service or idea can be a win for your prospect’s business or stakeholder’s concerns?
  • How do you create a meaningful one to two-minute digital story (video) that will touch your audience, build your brand and give you a voice on and offline amidst the media clutter 24/7?

A Practical Hands-on Workshop

Digital storytelling is a bold and exciting new era for creativity and innovation. In this 2-day hands-on workshop, Digital Storytelling Pioneer, Angeline Koh will deliver a road map to how you can ‘sell without selling’ and strengthen your brand by leveraging on the power of story in a digital age.

You will be coached to be a better storyteller and tell a better story. Unlock the art and science of telling personal and corporate brand stories by creating a digital story (video). Wield the potency of storytelling to win the hearts of your stakeholders, potential and loyal clients.

Course Outline

  1. Be Inspired – Experience the Power of Storytelling and first person narrative
  2. Identify your Ideal Customer/ Stakeholder through StoryLISTENING
  3. Position Yourself – Articulate what differentiates YOU from your competitors
  4. Craft your ONE Word, ONE Statement, One Story Elevator Pitch
  5. Watch and learn from digital story samples
  6. Unlock Tyros’ 8 Keys to the Art and Science of crafting a great story digitally
  7. Story Cycle – Tap on the wealth of fellow storytellers’ experience through group discussion, sharing and feedback
  8. Script Writing – Master writing that moves, compels and evokes to action
  9. Storyboarding – Visualise. Turn your script into a multimedia experience through voice, text, sound, transitions and silence
  10. StoryTELLING – Learn how to narrate and record your voice-over using appropriate stress, rhythm, pauses, tone and silence, to present your story
  11. Software – Hands-on video production using free video editing software
  12. Showcase – Celebrate your 2-minute first person Brand Story

Key Takeaway

  1. Your ONE word, ONE Statement, ONE Story Elevator Pitch
  2. Your 2-minute Digital Brand Story
  3. Story Crafting Skills
  4. Digital Story Production Skills

Who Should Attend?

  1. Sales, Marketing and PR Professionals
  2. Lecturers/Teachers who wish to use videos in their course delivery
  3. Charity Organsiations
  4. Digital and Social Media Specialists
  5. Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Leaders
  6. Educators, Learning and Department Heads, Managers, Supervisors
  7. HR Specialists
  8. Training Management
  9. Anyone who is interested in the use of storytelling in your organisation

Story Coach: Angeline Koh