Talk to us to find out how we help you with your storytelling and organisational training needs.

We coach.

Storytelling is both a science and an art. We design experiences that will bring about your desired learning outcome. We teach communications – oral, written, presentation and digital storytelling.

We create.

Educational Technology Professor Emeritus, Jason Ohler said, “The only one thing I know for certain about the technologies that await us in the future is that we will find ways to tell stories with them.

Whatever your need, we can help you collect or create stories:

  • Interviews for magazine, web articles
  • Biography
  • Photo journal
  • Digital stories or video tributes

We connect.

Through storytelling, we:

  • Empower sales and marketing personnel or business owners to communicate with clients and stakeholders
  • Facilitate team building
  • Create inter-generational dialogues that link youth and seniors
  • Create inter-cultural conversations and storytelling that oil human relationships to improve company performance across diverse cultures
  • Help families listen to each other: spouses, parent-child bonding
  • The possibilities are endless

We facilitate training that enhance storytelling and communications

  • Soft skills – LIFELONG LEARNING, public speaking, presentation skills and interviewing
  • Story Craft – writing, editing – for articles, newsletters, blogs, biographies, digital story scripts
  • Media – photography, videography, graphic design
  • Software – MovieMaker, iMovie, Audacity, iPad, PowerPoint
  • Basic computer skills – surfing the web, social media, blogging

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