There are many ways people have explained digital storytelling. At Tyros, this is the way we understand a digital story:

A digital story is a story (mostly personal) presented and told in a digital media. Your voice narrative is weaved together with images, video clips, music, and sound to create a powerful 1-2 minute video that can connect you with people not only with the mind but also with the heart. The stories are usually created by the storytellers themselves.

How Digital Storytelling started

The easy accessibility of digital devices and applications challenges the notion that art should be reserved for the gifted or the professional. In the 1990s, a group of San Francisco media artists and designers came together to experiment and explore how these tools could be used to empower personal storytelling.

According to the Center for Digital Storytelling website:

Dana Atchley, a media producer and interdisciplinary artist, had developed NEXT EXIT, a multimedia autobiography. Among others, he attracted local theater producer Joe Lambert (now director of Center for Digital Storytelling) as a collaborator in producing the piece. Together they discovered that people with little or no prior experience in multimedia could produce powerful personal stories with the new technology. In 1994, Joe and Dana, along with Nina Mullen, founded the San Francisco Digital Media Center. Over the next several years, the group refined a curriculum that became the basis for community workshops to teach digital storytelling skills.”

There are currently about 380 practitioners, researchers, educators, business professionals, and social workers using digital storytelling as a way to reflect on our work, stimulate communication and generate social change around the world. Most of these works are found in Europe and North America.

DS was brought to Singapore by the National Book Development Council of Singapore (NBDCS). The first DS workshop in Singapore was conducted in 29–31 August 2007 by Denise Atchley (Co-Founder and Director of The Digital Storytelling Festival and also Director of Dana Atchley Productions Inc.). Tyros’ founder Angeline Koh attended the first workshop with her then colleague Aurelia Castro. In 2008, Angeline was a volunteer at the second workshop conducted by Denise Atchley and Leslie Rule.

The two later experimented facilitating digital storytelling with their colleagues and friends. They invited NBDCS’s Executive Director Mr Ramachandran to watch the showcase of participants’ stories at the second run. Mr Ramachandran followed up with an invitation for them to facilitate DS workshops under the Council.

The Book Council also appointed them as co-directors for the second Asian Digital Storytelling Congress in 2008. They also facilitated Digital Storytelling Circle Singapore (DiSC), a year-long bi-monthly programme supported by the Council and the National Library to promote digital storytelling in Singapore.

By 2010, Angeline Koh resigned from her job to start Digital Storytelling Asia (the parent company of TYROS), a social enterprise. The two went to the Center for Digital Storytelling in the USA to be trained as facilitators.

There are stories that leave little impression on you and there are stories that echo and resonate within you when you listen to them. Without a good script, there can be no good story.

You will benefit from experiencing the process of crafting a better story. You will draw from within yourself the powerful stories that are IN you. You will discover what stories to tell and how to tell it in a way that connects with your audience – not just the transferring of information but how to share meaning that moves hearts.

Your IT skills will further enhance your storytelling.

The workshop is pitched at entry level computer users. If you are able to do any or all of these: surf the net, use Microsoft Word, create a PowerPoint, you should be able to pick up the skills of creating your digital story.

The workshop is systematically taught step-by-step. Our facilitators are also experienced in assisting you. Our most senior participants were in their 70s. You should come ready to have fun and with a spirit of adventure and readiness to learn.

“Storytelling for Educators in a Digital Age”

“The more digital the world becomes, the more our students will need you, not for your keystrokes and technical know-hows, but for your guidance and wisdom,” says Jason Ohler, Speaker, Writer, Researcher; Professor Emeritus, Educational Technology

  1. Your digital storytelling journey will begin with YOU the educator. You first answer: what is your story?
  2. You will learn what makes a good digital story by creating a digital story
  3. There will be a discussion for educators on ideas and issues that relate to using technology in the classroom

I have had fun and time to reflect during the workshop. It’s fulfilling for me… I firmly believe in the value and potential of using digital stories to transmit impactful messages and learning. — MOE Curriculum Developer


  • Inter-Generational Learning Programme – a joint initiative for schools in partnership with the Council for Third Age
  • Servant Leadership through Storytelling – for schools
  • Community Involvement Programmes (CIP) Stories – Are your youth getting the most out of the CIPs that you have invested hours and finances on? Your youth get even more out of their projects by coupling their experiences with reflection through storytelling. The digital stories will showcase your school’s community programmes
  • Use digital storytelling as part of your current Language, Arts, Humanities, and Social Studies curriculum
  • Digital Resumes for graduating students

(3) I Remember My School Stories – great for collecting stories for school special events, anniversary, website

History bytes…

Many are familiar with catchy Coca Cola jingles and advertisements. Many may not know that the late Dana Atchley (1941–2000), a.k.a. the father of digital storytelling, worked with Coca-Cola to develop relationships with their customers through “emotional branding.” Find out how Atchley did it at The World of Coca Cola.

Atchley worked with the President of Coca-Cola and senior level executives to help them communicate brand messages in a more personal and emotionally resonant manner using the techniques of digital storytelling.


(1) Team bonding and building workshop
Storytelling is a great way to bond people and build teams. Through storytelling, we gain understanding and trust. We find common grounds to relate to one another.

(2) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Companies are using storytelling as a way for staff to reflect on their contributions and experience in CSR involvement. Post stories on your Intranet or website. A great way to let staff know what others in the company are doing. Build camaraderie, promote company values. A great way to share with the public another side of who you are.

Social enterprises need resources to sustain the good work that you do. Without awareness and information, the public cannot respond with financial or HR or other kinds of support.

The Tyros D-Storytelling Initiative is a project to help social enterprises create this awareness through the sharing of authentic stories. Share stories from your:

  • Beneficiaries – they benefited from the good work that you do
  • Staff and Volunteers – they understand your vision and mission and are committed to your cause
  • Founder / CEO  – he/she provides vision and direction for the organisation

Create Awareness. Win Advocates.
Through Storytelling.

Yes, we have run workshops in the USA, the Philippines, and Indonesia. We will be happy to explore how we can bring storytelling the Tyros way to you.
Digital Storytelling Asia (DSA) Pte Ltd, the parent company of TYROS, came about from a series of accidents. There was really no grand plan, no strategy, no thought of starting a company. My then colleague Aurelia and I stumbled on digital storytelling, fell in love with it and never recovered.

DSA started out as a website to post our growing collection of stories. There was no one dedicated to digital storytelling in Asia. So that’s how the domain www.digitalstorytellingasia.com came about. DSA later became the most obvious name to call the company we co-pioneered in 2010.


The name “Digital Storytelling” lends itself to a myriad of confusion and keeping people from taking a dip into this wonder that we have in our hands.

The “digital storytelling” is open to anyone’s interpretation – that spells nightmare for anyone attempting to promote the layers upon layers of richness inherent in the (digital) storytelling process.

TYROS is an attempt to address these product and brand identity challenges.

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