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Tell Stories. Create Awareness. Win Advocates in this digital age.

Storytelling and Communications Coaching and Services
for entrepreneurs, business owners, community leaders, educators, parents, youth, or simply anyone who needs to tell a story.

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In just 16 hours, you can learn to…

Spread Your Story in this Digital Age
find your story (you’ll be surprise many can’t get past this first step)
visualise what that story can look like as an experiential multimedia
craft a meaningful script through a step-by-step process
create your voiceover because remember, this is storyTELLING
add music and images that creates the right setting for your story
design them in a way that makes meaning for your intended audience
publish it for an audience of one or for a million

Create Awareness. Win Advocates.

It’s easy if someone shows you how. 

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Workshop Participants Are Saying…

It was a great learning opportunity and I thoroughly enjoyed two days of fun, networking and the creative process that your workshop provided.

Thanks to a deluge of information and media clutter, getting the quality attention of present day consumer is the hardest stuff for any business today. As such, digital storytelling with its crisp content, efficient and creative flow and with laser focus on core message delivery is a great way to grab top of mind recall of a potential customer.

Deepak Jha, Chief Operations Officer, Spectra Innovations Pte Ltd
Help me dream about creating educational materials to impact people.
Wency dela Viña, Community Hope Alternatives Inc., Philippines
The workshop really exceeded my expectations. I was not so much worried about technical difficulties but I was very skeptical that I could tell my story well. I enjoyed the feedback and thought provoking comments from other participants during the Story Circle time.

I marvelled at Bernard’s invaluable and incomparable insights and was especially thankful for Lilian’s extra efforts in walking through the whole scripting, recording and editing of my story. I learnt many interesting digital tools.

The sharing of technical hidden know-how were greatly appreciated. The handouts/notes were excellent and detailed. You even followed-up with recommendation of further resources. It really enriched the whole learning experience for me. Thank you very much!

Goh Wei Li
It was a good opportunity to revisit a chapter of my life that was powerful and pivotal for me. Would I recommend it? Definitely! Intriguing that it is not just interesting and potentially fun – but also a spiritual exercise, an opportunity to look into one’s heart and to examine one’s life.
Greg Heskell, Counsellor, USA
Please come again! Every year! 100% extremely nice, cool, cool, cool, cool!

Love it!

Primary 5 pupil, Canossa Convent Primary School
I’ve been making full length films and documentaries for many years. We use professional equipment and a big team of people. The technical aspects of filmmaking is not new to me but what really surprised me was how a short video using most basic tools can tell a story so powerfully that it can move hearts. Storytelling and filmmaking in the hands of everyone! 
Nay Win Tun, Video Editor

The great brands in the world today have great stories behind them. Through the digital storytelling workshop, Angeline Koh was able to help us draw out what we really stand for to energise our brands.
Christopher Tan, Consultant